What quality of hair does GG Extensions use?

GG Extensions are extremely passionate about our hair! We only use the highest grade of hair on the market. Have you experienced hair extensions which go super thin towards the ends? This is due to a poor composition of short to long hairs used.  We use AAA grade Remy Russian human hair sourced specially to create our sets. All sets are double drawn for thickness from roots to tip. You can expect soft, healthy, strong hair. Our standard is our reputation, and our reputation speaks for itself.


How long does my hair have to be to wear Remy Clips Hair Extensions?

We recommend a minimum of 6 inches of hair. Longer hair is better to blend the ends of your natural hair into the extensions.


Can I colour my Remy Clips Hair Extensions?

Our extensions are 100% Russian Remy human hair. Remy Hair under takes a dyeing and texture chemical process. Although our hair extensions are designed to accept colour, we highly suggest seeking professional help by an experienced extension hair colourist in regards to what best for you and you new extensions. We do not recommend bleaching or lightening of any kind on Extensions as it can cause extensive damage.


Can I use heated styling tools on my Hair Extensions?

Yes you can!

We always recommend using a thermal/heat protector product and to set your heat dial to a low temperature no more than 180 degrees. The less heat you use the better.

Heat on extensions will in time dry out the hair with excessive use, try to air dry when possible. Use heat styling tools to complete your look on dry hair. This will prolong the lifespan of your human hair extensions.


Can I wash my Hair Extensions like normal?

Yes, try to stay away from shampoos with sulphates in them and use hydrating conditioners! Leave-in conditioners and heat protector will prolong the life of your hair extensions. Just remember to be a little more gentle and cautious with them.


How long will my Hair Extensions generally last?

It is really hard to put a time frame on your hair extensions as their lifespan is determined on how often you wear them and what type you have. This could be daily, weekly or only on special occasions. The conditions you wear them in aslo comes into count, from nights out, work or simply daily these factors along with how you store and protect them when not being worn will decide how long your hair lives. These factors may also gage on how regularly they need to be washed, however less is better.

When buying from GG Hair you can be assured that they exceed your expectations.

To give you a guide, we would suggest replacing your clip in hair extensions every 4-6 months with moderate to regular use, however we have customers who wear them everyday and replace their set once or a twice a year.

Tape extensions live will depend on how you treat and use the hair. With correct use and care, they will need re-taping every 6-9 weeks and should last 3-12 months. Some cusotmers even longer.